Health education Administration start in King Abdullah medical City dated 01/01/1434 H to provide all the awareness and educational services for patients, their families and society in Mecca to raise health awareness among the target groups of preventive and curative side, through direct communication and health education for inpatient and clinics and  working on awareness through pamphlets and publications and activation of educational activities through the global health days with the vision and mission of King Abdullah Medical city.

Health education provides services through three sections: community health education who cares about the community and school education, and a section to educate patients and their families, which provides health education for inpatients and outpatients in the field of (cardiac -oncology -hematology- neurology - Internal Medicine - Surgery - diabetes), and the education auditing Department helping to review and audit publications issued by various departments, so as to prevent the recurrence and to make sure the information contained is scientifically approved .Also the health education administration participates in the research.