The cancer center at KAMC is one of the prominent cancer centers at KSA. It treats all kinds of cancers using the latest therapies in order to provide the highest level of medical care. Work at this center started just after the formal opening of KAMC in November 2009 (Thu-elhejja 1431), and it was the first specialized cancer in the western region functioning under the ministry of health.

Our vision at the cancer center stems from the general vision of the KAMC, which is to be one of the leaders in the field of treating cancer in the world by the year 2030.

The cancer center is composed of four main divisions, the medical oncology, the hematology, the radiation oncology and the palliative care divisions.

The center is composed of 79-inpatient oncology bed, 33-outpatient chemotherapy bed, 99 different specialized clinic are running each week; the radiation oncology division is located in the cancer center in Jeddah and it has two therapy machines, one CT simulation machine, and one brachytherapy machine. In the process of installation of new linear machine.



Oncology Department

Dr. Abdullah Alzahrani

Breast\CNS cancer

Dr. Hani El Taani

Colorectal cancer

Dr. Emad Tashkandi


Dr. Waleed Bahaj

Upper GI \ Lung cancer

Dr. Hani El Khatib

Colorectal\prostate cancer

Dr. Faisal Albadainah

Breast\Head &neck\ GU\NET cancer

Dr .Omima Alimam

Breast \ Gyne cancer

Dr. Aboelkhair Al Gahmi

Breast\Lymphoma Malignancy

Dr. Ahmed Zain Uldain

Lymphoma , Sarcoma

Dr Zuhair, AL zobeer

Lymphoma and Breast/GI

Dr Amal Mustafa


Dr. Shereef Elsammany

Breast , GI

Wael Mahmood

Medical Oncology

Dr .Kashief Abdulmajeed

Medical Oncology

Dr. Mohammed Khutubuddin

Medical Oncology

Dr. Yassin Haza Alkhatib

Medical Oncology

Dr .Nasser Saleh

Medical Oncology

Dr. Fathia Mohammed

Medical Oncology

Dr. Assia hussein

Medical Oncology

Dr. Faez BaBakri

Medical Oncology

Dr. Irfan Murtaza

Medical Oncology

Dr. Mohammed Bayamin

Medical Oncology

Dr. Khaled Nagi

Medical Oncology

Dr Mohammad Shafi

Medical Oncology

Hematology Department

Dr. Amal Al-Abdulwahab

Hematology Oncology & BMT

Dr. Hussein Al sayed

Hematology Oncology & BMT

Dr. Manal AlSaqqaf

Hematology Oncology

Dr. Khalofa Al Ghamdi

Hematology Oncology

Dr .Mohammed Attiah

Hematology Oncology

Dr. Khaleeq Unnisa Nuzhat

Hematology Oncology

Dr. Ahmed Alabbadi

Hematology Oncology

Dr. Mahmoud Khamis

Hematology Oncology

Dr. Rozina Zishan

Hematology Oncology

Palliative Care Department

Dr. Hafez Ghanem

Palliative Care \ Pain management

Dr. Rami Faraj

Palliative Care \ Pain management

Dr .Saad Abdulfatah

Palliative Care \ Pain management

Dr. Gomaa Abdulfatah

Palliative Care \ Pain management

The Cancer center provides treatments for all kinds of malignancies including breast, gastrointestinal head and neck, lung, gynecologic malignancies, brain Tumors, genitourinary tract, malignant Hematology Care is provided in a site specific manner and after discussion of cases in tumor boards.

The Center is provides palliative care consults, and benign hematology consults to other patients admitted at KAMC.

We started auto stem cell transplant and we did first transplant in November -2017

Our plan to have a tumor registry.

1. Conference :

Gynecology Conference – March -2017

GU Conference – November -2017

2. Cancer day :

February of each year

The center was active in organizing multiple educational workshops and conferences, and this culminated in hosting the prestigious “Best of ASCO” for the year 2014.

  • The center pays special attention to continuous medical education, and we have weekly educational lectures, we also participate in regional journal clubs, and there is monthly review of all mortality cases and special attention is paid to morbidity cases.
  • The center gained recognition by the Saudi Counsel for Health Specialties as a center of training for Medical oncology fellowship program in 2013 and recently Hematology fellowship program in 2017.
  • The center paid special attention to research and our physicians presented original research at different national and international meetings, and published papers in peer reviewed journals.