Proceeding from executive management directions to enhance the level of High Reliability Organization as well as to enhance the safety of patients and the quality of performance in King Abdullah Medical City, the Chief Executive Officer at King Abdullah Medical City confirms to all Kamc staff the need to communicate with executive management concerns related to Patients' safety, and executive administration Declares that any employee will be free and able to communicate with the Joint Commission International accreditation using below placed link for reporting concerns related to patient safety if the executive management in Kamc did not respond and fix these risks on patient safety .Also this is confirmation by Chief Executive Officer that those Kamc employees who reported patient safety concerns to JCIA will not be subjected to any type formal disciplinary actions (for example, demotions, reassignments, or change in working conditions or hours) or informal punitive actions (for example, harassment, isolation, or abuse) will be threatened or carried out in retaliation for reporting concerns to JCI.