Overview :

The Cardiac Center at KAMC has two departments Cardiology and cardiac surgery. There are a total of 49 functioning cardiac ward beds (for female and male patients) For cardiology department 50% with telemetry. 8 beds for Functioning day cases some time extend to 10 according to the requirement. Cardiac surgery ward has 30 beds; 19-22 of these beds is functioning as cardiac surgery and 8-10 beds would be allocated to cardiology according to the demand and need. Also the cardiology center has one coronary care unit (CCU) with 18 beds that can accommodate very sick and ventilated patients. In addition to an extended CCU beds near to main ICU that can accommodate sick cardiac patient but not on ventilation. Cardiac surgery intensive care unit (CSICU) with seven beds expanding to a total of 14 beds (during high season like Haj). There are two cardiac catheterization laboratory, one hybrid cath/OR and 2 operating rooms with a recovery area that includes six beds. The duty hours of the cardiac center are 24 hours a day, seven days a week

One of the largest most experienced cardiac surgery and cardiology groups in the western region of Saudi Arabia, our Center cares for patients from a large catchment area. Our surgeons and cardiologists offer virtually every type of cardiac surgery and procedural intervention and treatment including elective or emergency Primary PCI for STEMI patient around the clock & surgery for coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, aortic aneurysm & dissection, cardiac tumors, arrhythmias, heart failure, Marfan syndrome and other less common conditions.

The cardiac center in King Abdullah Medical City is the only department that deals with the broad spectrum of cardiac conditions for pilgrims which distinguishes the experience acquired by the caring teams.

The Department, being a tertiary care unit, receives complex cases such as aortic aneurysms, from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


currently we have total of 3 functioning cath labs. Performing of complex coronary interventions, including IVUS, FFR and Rotablaiton.

That is in addition to the TAVI program. 4313 procedures done over the past year, this is expected to double over the coming 2 years with the expansion of our cardiac center.in addition to STEMI program 24/7 a day as mentioned earlier


we have a full non-invasive service, include ECHO, TEE, cardiac MRI, Cardiac CT, stress test, EKG and holter. Also we have nuclear medicine program. Total tests done last year are about 7000 tests.

Clinical services:

Currently there are 26 beds CCU and 70 ward beds shared with Cardiac surgery.

Adult congenital HD:

accepts all adult patients with congenital heart disease, there is a specialized outpatient clinic. Interventional and surgical procedures are done at our center.


There is an EP lab that can do complex EP studies and interventions including 3D mapping., AF ablation, Pacemakers, AICDs and CRTDs are implanted and followed up at our center in a dedicated device clinic.

Outpatient's services. There are more than 25 outpatient clinics dedicated to seeing patients with heart problems. There were more than 20000 patient visits over the past year. This is expected to increase over the coming 2 years by at least 50 percent.

Cardiac rehab program:

there is a cardiac rehab program now in phase one inpatient services, expanding to phase two and three in the near future to provide full cardiac rehab services to our patients with same vision of community based program recommended at model of care designed by Ministry of Health.

Regulatory Agencies:

- ATS (American thoracic society)

- STS society of thoracic surgery

- European society of Cardiac surgery

- Saudi heart association

- Saudi commission for health specialties

American college of cardiology

American college of cardiology Cardiology Department

Dr. Osama Elkhateeb

Dr. Najeeb jaha

Director of Cardiac Center

Debuty Director of Cardiac Center

Dr. Hasan Ali

Head of Cardiology.

Dr. Abdullah Alzooby

Consultant interventional cardiology.

Dr.Nazen Al-Jabri

Consultant interventional cardiology

Dr. Ayman Ibrahim

Consultant interventional cardiology

Dr.Mamdouh Ismail

Consultant interventional cardiology

Dr.Fatimah Abuleneen

Consultant Non-Invasive & imaging

Dr. Maha Hamed Al Sebaie

Consultant Non-Invasive cardiologist

Dr. Zeinab Hachicha

Consultant Non-Invasive and Imaging

Dr,Nadeem Ahmad

Associate consultant EP

Dr. Naem A Lshoaibi

Consultant EP ( part timer)

Dr. Shahira abdulhakam

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Ahmed Montaser

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Ahmed Abu Alnoor

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Mansur Al Ahdal

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Loay Khair

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Adel Mohammad Attab

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Abdulmalik Saleh

Assistant Cardiologist

Dr. Jamal Al Saqqaf

Assistant Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. AbdulNaser Alnaqeb

Assistant Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Abdolmonem Ibrahim

Assistant Consultant

Dr. Mohammad Solaiman

Assistant Consultant

Dr. Obada Alshami

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Shams Alam


Dr.Khaled Fadl

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Khaled Elgedami

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Magdi Yahya

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Salim Abdallah Al hebsi

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Wael Almetwally

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Anas Salkeeney

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Farhan Khan

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Abdulaziz Tabbakh

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Sheeren Hamouda

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Mohamed Hashim

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Waleed Mahmoud

Assistant Consultant

Dr.Belal Salim

Assistant Consultant