The Head, Neck and Skull base health Center is one of the excellence centers at King Abdullah Medical City, Where the center is based on a clear vision to be the leading center in providing high quality services and specialized in the field of nose, ear, throat, head and neck surgery.

The center aims to meet patients' needs by ensuring safe practice and good care by complying with international standards in a multicultural environment.

The Center provides comprehensive services in ENT and with excellence in providing advanced services in head and neck surgery under the supervision of distinguished elite, experienced and skilled consultants.


There are four departments and two units in the center:

1-Department of rhinology, sinus and skull base

2-Department of  Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

3-Department of otology and cochlear implant

4-The Department of phoniatric and audio-vestibular medicine, includes two units:

- Unit of audio- vestibular medicine

- Unit of phoniatrics and speech rehabilitation

The Center provides advanced services in the field of ear, nose, throat and head & neck surgery, including:

  1. Endoscopic evaluation of nose & sinus, and advanced sinus surgery.
  2. Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid leakage or anterior skull base defects with brain herniation with advanced procedures in collaboration with neurosurgery to repair cerebrospinal fluid leakage using advanced endoscopes
  3. Endoscopic and microscopic evaluation of ear diseases and the lateral skull base with advanced microscopic operations of the mastoid and lateral skull base lesions.
  4. The cochlear implantation and the surgically implanted hearing aids
  5. Rehabilitation of cochlear implants, speech and speech problems
  6. Evaluation of swallowing difficulties and their managements
  7. Leading the combined head and neck clinic, which evaluates and treats head and neck tumors in cooperation with the center of Oncology, Radiotherapy and related disciplines.

Dr. Saeed AlGhamdi Center director and head of cochlear implant program

Dr. Omar Abu Suliman. Vice Center director


  1. Department of rhinology, sinus and skull base:

Dr. Omar Abu Suliman

Dr. Mohammed saadeddin

Dr. Islam HerzAllah

Dr. Sumaiya Muathen

Dr. Omar Almyes

Dr.Yousef Zeishan


  1. Department of  Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. Sherif Abdelmonim

Dr. Ameen Alherabi

Dr. Haddad Alkaf

Dr. Suhail Syed

Dr. Mohammed Alessa

Dr. Ahmed Bahaj


  1. Department of otology and cochlear implant

Dr. Saeed Alghamdi

Dr. Esam Saleh

Dr. Khalid Badr

Dr. Fares Alghamdi

Dr. Bassam Alzuraiqi

Dr. Syed Raza


  1. The Department of phoniatric and audio-vestibular medicine

Dr. Elsaeed Allieddin

Dr. Asmaa Ahmed

Dr. Azza Alattar

Dr. Ali Abu Aloyoun

Dr. Jamal Atta Allah

Ms. Taghreed Alaraifi

Ms. Lujein Al Ghaleb

Ms. Orouba Awdah

Ms. Haifa Basri