A society that is aware of its health challenges and an active participant in confronting them.


the message

The Volunteer and Community Participation Program is a stimulating and targeted platform that contributes to healthy development through the design and implementation of effective and sustainable partnerships between the Ministry of Health and all components of society. In a spirit of initiative, rapid response and innovative approaches.


Management Objectives

-  Directing community resources to priority areas

-  Facilitate the process of community participation in health development

-  Maximize the impact of community contribution to health development

-  Institutionalizing the contribution of society to health development

-  Organizing and establishing health awareness programs for the community.


The target audience

-  School students - colleges - universities).

-  Guests of the Beneficent.

-  The people of Mecca.

-  Parents of patients with long and chronic diseases.

-  Neighborhood centers, associations and civil disputes.

Volunteer System